Texas Auto Insurance, What you need to know

Drivers throughout Texas must carry minimum amounts of liability insurance on their registered vehicle to comply with state laws. Without this mandatory coverage, drivers are committing a crime, subject to suspension of driving privileges, fines, more expensive auto insurance, and additional penalties. Proof of insurance should be carried inside of the vehicle at all times, presented to law enforcement after traffic stop or an automobile accident. Failure to provide proof of Texas auto insurance upon request from an law enforcement officer concurs to the committal of a crime.

To remain legal, Texas drivers must carry a policy consisting of:

  • $30,000/$60,000 Bodily Injury
  • $25,000 Property Damage

Although these amounts may seem large, the average cost of an accident in the U.S. is $54,498.52. The party responsible for the accident is responsible for any costs not covered by the insurance company. You may opt for additional amounts for extra precaution, as well as add additional types of coverage. Personal Injury Protection, uninsured motorist, and collision/comprehensive are a few of the additional types of coverage available.

Many drivers feel that Texas auto insurance is nothing more than added expense to an already-strapped budget. The truth is, auto insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection that, without, could devastate your entire life.

Buying the Best Insurance

Many insurance agencies offer auto insurance to Texas drivers, but not each of these companies is created the same. Obviously, the price of coverage is always a concern, but you also want a company that is going to be there for you if you need them, whose coverage is really worthwhile, and who treats you like more than just another customer in line.

Free estimates for your auto insurance needs are available upon request from any insurance agency out there. By taking the time to request estimates and compare rates, you’re on your way to incredible savings on your coverage with a company that makes you feel like an old friend.

Expected qualities of a good auto insurance provider include:

  • Experienced: Experience insurance agents have built this lengthy history because they’re doing something right to keep customers happy.
  • Reputation: You cannot please them all, nor can a perfect company ever be found. However, if the crowd shouts more boos than hoorays, it is safe to say the auto insurance company isn’t taking care of its customers the way that it should.
  • Professionalism: Insurance agents/companies should always possess a level of professionalism to each client they serve. If there is a lack of professionalism or that first impression simply didn’t fare well, continue the search for a great Texas auto insurance provider.

Affordable Texas Auto Insurance

Auto insurance companies in Texas are notorious for providing discounts to attract new customers and to retain those already insured with them. As a customer, the chance to enjoy significant savings with these discounts is always nice. Don’t be shy. Ask for any and all discounts that you may be eligible for and keep that money in your pocket. Although discounts vary from one insurer to the next, typical offers include:

  • Multi-policy discounts
  • Multi-driver discounts
  • Loyal customer discounts
  • Student driver discounts for grades
  • Safe driver discounts
  • Professional/Service group discounts (think AAA, policemen, military, etc.)
  • Anti- theft device installation discounts

These discounts are only a handful of the many auto insurance companies offer Texas drivers. It is always best to inquire of available discounts so not to miss out on a single penny of the potential savings.

The use of discounts is only one way drivers can reduce auto insurance costs. The best tip for getting your money’s worth from your insurance policy is staying safe as you drive. Safe drivers are awarded a plethora of benefits from the insurance company (and beyond.)

Laws, as silly as they seem sometimes, are put into place for a reason. They’re to protect drivers, help prevent accidents, and keep everyone on and off the roads safe. Obey those laws, as well as all the signs you see posted telling you speed limits, dangerous conditions, etc. As a safe driver obeying the rules of the road, everyone stays safe and the costs of insurance are kept down to a minimal amount. Everyone wins!

Additional ways to minimize the amount of money spent on car insurance rates

  • Some vehicles cost more to insure than others. Sports cars and luxury cars are the two most expensive to purchase. Careful selection of the vehicle is the start of auto insurance savings.
  • Pay premiums bi-annually or annually for significant discounts.
  • Increasing deductible amounts places more risk on the driver, but if safety is always a top concern behind the wheel, this shouldn’t be problematic. An increased deductible means reduced monthly insurance coverage costs.
  • Keep a close eye on credit and credit scores. Many insurance agencies now use a copy of this report to determine auto insurance rates.