Types of Affordable Texas Health Insurance You Can Go For

With the expenses of healthcare touching the roof, and health care insurance rates following suit, it is important for you to find the most affordable Texas health insurance. Contrary to popular opinion, not all health insurance packages are expensive to buy. There are quite a few inexpensive health plans that can be opted for, and these allow enough cover to ensure that you stay covered during ailments, injuries etc.

Types of Affordable Texas Health Insurance Plans to Opt For

  1. Major Medical Plans – These are also known as catastrophic health plans, and happen to be the least expensive health policy of non-comprehensive type. These policies come with a high insurance deductible, the entire amount that you pay towards a claim prior to the time your insurance plan activates, along with inexpensive premiums.These plans cover only hospital fees such as diagnostic tests, X-rays, hospital stays and surgical treatments. These do not offer coverage for the costs of the prescription drugs that you buy or the visits that you make to your physician. In case you are comparatively young in age, have a tight budget and hardly visit a physician or do not use expensive prescription drugs, such types of plans can be ideal for you.
  1. Comprehensive Medical Plans – These are the least expensive comprehensive health insurance plans, and include the types of Point-of-Service plans (POSs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs).
    1. HMOs – These are lowest priced among all the comprehensive health insurance policies to be found today. These provide health care through a wide network of medical facilities and physicians chosen by the HMO.Under these plans, you are supposed to make a small copayment, commonly 10 – 15 USD, when you make a visit to a doctor. The advantage of these affordable Texas health insurance plans is the fact that you do not have to pay for any deductibles and there is no need to waste time in filling up health insurance forms as is the case with standard medical plans.Your primary healthcare provider is either the one going to treat you or you will be referred to a specialist at any time you require medical assistance. In case you intend to visit a doctor who is not a part of your HMO medical network, you will have to pay from your own pockets.
    2. Preferred Provider Organizations – They are a little more expensive than HMOs, but provide policyholders with greater amount of flexibility. This makes these health care insurance plans more popular. As is the case with an HMO, you are supposed to choose a healthcare provider from a directory of physicians who are approved.For each visit to a doctor, your copayment would be similar to that of an HMO. You will not have to full in any forms or pay any deductibles. With a PPO, you will not have to come across any gatekeepers. You are free to visit any medical specialist without going to your primary healthcare provider first.
    3. Point of Service Plans – These are also referred to as POS plans, and are costlier than PPOs and HMOs. However, these come with the optimal amount of flexibility out of all the three medical insurance policies. These provide healthcare treatment through a health provider network. However, there is also the option for you to visit a doctor of your choice.Within the network, the copayments for visits to a doctor are more or less the same as is the case with PPOs and HMOs. Once you pay the deductible, you will get up to 80% reimbursement for all your visits to the doctor out of network.
  2. Low-cost Health Insurance Quotes – The easiest way to get low-cost health insurance quotes is to visit the website of an insurance comparison service provider. You will get price quotes at these websites from health insurance agencies that are competing with each other to get you as a client.Once you visit such websites, you will be requested to fill up a simple questionnaire with complete details about your health and yourself. After the submission of the questionnaire, various top insurers will send you their quotes. Then, you can examine the quotes from the comforts of your house and pick the most affordable Texas health insurance plan that satisfies your needs.

Finding the Best Low-Cost Texas Health Insurance Plans – Compare and Contrast

Finally, it is also important to research about the policies existing on the market at present and carry out some comparisons of your own. You can do this manually on the internet, or use the services of any of the comparison websites that allow you to compare quotes from various insurance providers. This type of comparison is easy, quick and completely free of cost. When you need the best Texas health insurance plan, a little online research and comparison can go a long way.