How you can Save On Your Texas RV Insurance Policy

Your RV is more than simply a vehicle, and you would need the best insurance policy for the same. As a RV owner, you will of course like to look for ways to save money on your Texas RV Insurance policy. Know about some of the best ways to lower your bill.

Simple Tips and Tricks to Help You Save

  • Do comparison-shopping – Car insurance rates tend to differ across companies for even the same level of coverage. You should get quotations from a minimum of 3 insurers. However, do not only shop based on the price factor. Check the reputation and the customer satisfaction ratings of the company.
  • Purchase a cheap-to-insure vehicle – Purchasing a small SUV can help save you money on vehicular insurance, although the purchase of a sports car will not. You can insure RVs at cheap rates, and use the car insurance comparison tool on various websites to calculate the average premium for your specific RV model.
  • Consider insurance based on usage – If your own driving habits match that of the insurers ‘good driving’ standards, you can save money with usage-based insurance (UBI) programs. A telematics device is generally plugged in underneath the steering wheel. It helps in recording data, like while you are driving, whether and how much you brake hard etc. Discounts are generally applied to your upcoming policy term. In you drive much, have a habit of slamming on the brakes often and tend to drive at night; you will probably not save any money with UBI.
  • Benefit with low-mileage discounts – Some Texas RV Insurance agencies help save money for drivers who put less than a pre-specified number of miles every year on their RVs and other cars.
  • Know about car-safety discounts – Ask your insurer whether you will be eligible for discounts for specific safety features on your vehicle. Many insurance companies offer discounts for car alarms, antilock brakes, air bags etc.
  • Know about other vehicle insurance discounts – You can find many discounts, and these offers differ by insurance company and by state. Your insurance agency will review the discounts available to check whether you are likely to miss on some of the rebate offers. You can save the most amount of money in such cases:
    1. Being married – 14%
    2. Use of car, like personal use – 10%
    3. Good student discount – 16%
    4. Low annual mileage – 11%
    5. Having the same insurer offering your home insurance policy – 9%
  • Many RV insurance agencies offer a discount when you purchase 2 or more insurance coverage from them in a process known as bundling. Your Texas RV Insurance policy, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance and home insurance are some of the common policies that are bundled with auto insurance.
  • Benefit from affinity groups – In some cases, you can avail discounted auto insurance policies through professional groups, large employers and other organizations.
  • Maintain a clean driving record – Where insurance is concerned, claims, tickets for moving violations and being at fault in accidents can be nightmares. Crashing your vehicle will ease your savings at the time of renewal. Thus, you can save the maximum amount of money when you drive carefully.
  • Maintain sound credit – A number of states allow the use of credit history as a determinant in fixing insurance amounts and premiums. According to insurance companies, statistics reveal that drivers having sound credit records make less number of insurance claims.
  • Set up spying tools to keep a watch on your teen driver – Teens happen to be the riskiest drivers, and hence the most expensive as well. Some car insurers allow savings to customers who take part in teen driver “monitoring programs”. Programs tend to differ by insurer, and are offered by only some companies. Some spying tools use cameras set up within the vehicle to offer audio and video footage of teen drivers to customers. Aggressive driving activates the camera.
  • Global positioning systems (GPS) are also used by other insurers for tracking where teens go and how they drive, including accelerating, speeding or sudden breaking. You may also set up the system to provide you with a text or email message once your teenage kid arrives at a particular address. You can make anywhere between 10 and 15% savings on insurance.

Can Comprehensive and Collision Coverage Help You Save Money on Your Texas RV Insurance Policy?

  • Look for higher deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverage – In case you file an insurance claim under comprehensive or collision coverage, the sum of money that will be taken off your insurance check will be your deductible. Higher deductibles equate to lower premiums.

You will not have to pay any deductible on liability insurance. Thus, if you are responsible for an accident and the aggrieved party files any claim against your Texas RV insurance, you will not have to pay anything for the claim. However, at the time of renewal, you might have to pay higher rates.

  • Drop comprehensive/ collision coverage on old cars – In case your vehicle gets demolished in any accident, you will get the actual monetary worth of your car. Texas RV Insurance companies have their own criteria to decide on a fair market price for the cars, and from NADA Guides you can obtain a ballpark estimation. If you own an older RV, it might be financially sensible for you to pay premiums over a course of many years to maintain the coverage. As per III, it is senseless to purchase this type of coverage for a vehicle that costs lower than 1,000 USD.